Current Budget for the School of Champions and Feed the Children Vallarta, (formerly called The Children of the Dump)
from Cafe Roma in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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Updated January, 2010

Total Cash Money Raised and Donated by our generous customers from May 1st, 2008 to date: 397,500 Pesos
This does not include articles of clothing, food and other items donated.

Total Cash Money Raised and Donated from our North American Tour project: 385,728 Pesos

Total Kids we fed Pizzas at Cafe Roma's weekly field trip days from May 1st, 2008 to date: 2149 KIDS
These pizza parties are paid by Cafe Roma, not from the funds we raise. Who say's you can not make a difference?

Enrollment at the School of Champions:

200 children , 2 shifts at School of Champions main campus
100 + children in Volcanes Public school (English only)

School of Champions Staff Expense:

English (8)
Math/Computer (6)
Maintenance (1)
Opns (Incl. school supplies) (2)
Total Payroll (17) $ 38,000


Pan Dulce, Hot food from kitchen, tacos
and fortified juice and milk,
and fruit when available.

$3.5 pesos per day per child. $ 20,000


2 vans and the bus Gasoline, maintenance, insurance etc. $ 20,000
Includes all maintenance and repairs,
utilities, cleaning supplies, insurance etc. $ 20,000

Total cost of operation: $98,000 pesos or about 7,500 USD per month at current exchange rates.

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